Graphic Designer & Painter

Mohammad Mahdi Hafizi

Has just arrived in Germany from Afghanistan

I am Mohammad Mahdi Hafizi. I was born on 14. Jun 1986 in Afghanistan – Herat. On 1997 with the first Domination of the Taliban over Afghanistan we were forced to immigrate to Iran until 2001. After finishing high school and exiting the Taliban from Afghanistan we went back to our home country. I studied for my bachelor's degree at the University of Herat in Painting major on 2010 and I studied for my master's degree in the field of Graphic design at the University of Arts of Tehran. On 2015 after finishing my master's degree I came back to Afghanistan and started my job as an art professor at the University of Herat in the field of Graphic Design until the fall down of the Country by the Taliban in Aug 2021.

Also on 2015, I founded the House of Art of Herat which was an organization with the purpose of teaching painting, animation, photography, and graphics for our society and with an emphasis on the empowerment of women and the youth community. During this period, my main focus was on teaching and discovering the talent of the youth generation and making them ready to join the market. During these activities, I managed to exhibit many single and group illustration exhibitions on the topic of society, culture, and politics in Afghanistan. My main focus always has been on the culture, people, society, and historical monuments of Afghanistan; I have tried to create a connection between the art of the past and the art of the present. Today I’m living in Germany and I am hoping after recovering from emotional and spiritual situations I can start creating art again.

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